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  • So glad to have found Dr. Marsella! She is committed to quality and sustainability by being truly caring and conscientious. She gives her full attention to her patients while being creative and generous with her time. I always leave her office feeling better physically and emotionally.

    —  Vera A.
  • I started going to Chiropractic Naturally about 2 years ago for a stiff neck I could hardly move. Dr. Marsella did a comprehensive exam of my situation and was cautious, empathetic and knowledgeable about my pain. After the first adjustment, my neck moved better and with continued visits my pain subsided. Currently, I see her now because of being in an auto accident a few months ago. Her technique is wonderful and I always feel better after a treatment. Plus, she always suggests other ways I can improve my back. She is a very dedicated practitioner and cares deeply about her patients. Glad I found you and your practice. Thank you.

    —  Colleen K.
  • I was very unbalanced after an auto crash and was welcomed to an appointment quickly. Very thorough history taken with care, I felt listened to and taken care of. I will definitely continue for maintenance after my initial treatment.

    —  Joyce C.
  • Chiropractic Naturally - Dr. Marsella specifically - keeps me functioning so that I'm not a mess of pain all the time. What I like about her: she's straightforward, honest, and clear about her advice; she's strong and does a fantastic job with the Cox technique thingy, which is truly what saves my life; and she has a great sense of style, which I just quietly admire whenever I have a visit. It took me a while to warm up to her - I think her direct and enthusiastic approach to giving advice kind of put me off at first, plus I'm naturally skeptical - but now I really appreciate it and all of her advice makes sense and works well for me. But the real secret of Dr. Marsella is that she is a beast with the Cox technique table thingy and I am a sucker for her magic.

    —  Audrey C.
  • I could barely walk without grunting from pain when i walked in. After my consult and a light adjustment, i walked out feeling better than i'd felt in weeks I've seen a number of chiropractors in my day, Dr. Marsella Imonti is one of the best in my book.

    —  Norman T.
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